How to include coursework on resume

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The exam in Russian consists of a “classic” set of tasks for the exam. The first block includes tasks with a choice of one of the suggested answers, the second block tasks where the answer must be obtained independently, the third block is an essay. The task of the third block of the exam is carried out with the support of the text proposed by the examinee.  Many high school students often have a question about how to write an EGE. Of course, this task is carried out in a relatively free form, and the essay plan is not regulated by the compilers. However, the examinee needs to highlight in his text the problem that is presented in the original source. In addition, it is important to competently comment on it and express your personal opinion on this issue. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to write an EGE Essay on the Russian language is difficult to give quickly and correctly: here you need some practice, the study of many texts and the competent selection of arguments to defend your opinion.

Start writing your text is always difficult. Therefore, before writing an EGE, you should choose one of the options for entry. This may be a few words about the author of the source text, the impression that the text made on the subject, or a small sketch of a typical life situation. It is very useful when reading the text for the first time and before writing an EGE essay, to highlight key words and phrases in the original source that will help to give an exact formulation of the problem that is mentioned in the text. It is not necessary to consider some special case proposed by the author! The problem can be viewed more broadly (for example, the “problem of fathers and children”, loneliness, the meaning of life, etc.). It is important to remember that the word “problem” must necessarily be involved in the composition.

Answering the question of how to write an EGE essay correctly, you should pay special attention to such an element of the text as a comment. Here neither the retelling of the original source in your own words, nor the citation will be suitable. The easiest way to cope with commenting is to reflect on some of the issues covered in the text. In addition, it is possible to highlight who the text is addressed to, how relevant the problem is today, what attitude the author has, etc. It is very important to remember that not all the text is subject to commenting, but only the problem that the subject has highlighted. It is worth noting that, as a rule, there are several problems in the original source, and which of them to choose for your essay is the right of the examinee.

In conclusion, we note that before writing an EGE, it is important to determine the style of the text. As a rule, the easiest to work with journalism, because in such texts, the authors raise hot topics. Commenting on issues raised in such texts is not difficult, and the author’s position stands out very simply. It is more difficult to work with artistic texts, because here the author’s position may not coincide with the opinion of the narrator. Therefore, if the text of a work of art turned out to be before the subject, it is worthwhile to work on the original source more painstakingly, highlight key words and be sure to correlate whose position is expressed by one or another paragraph of the text.