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If you feel that your ideas, observations or research results have already “matured” and are awaiting recognition, it’s time to share them. Scientific publication will do it most effectively. How does this type of academic text differ from essay or coursework? How to write a scientific article a step by step guide and tips in our material. What you should especially pay attention to while writing a scientific article? The next series of tips for creating such texts.

Like an essay, and coursework, a scientific article begins with an idea and interest in a particular topic. Suddenly, you understand that you have noticed a pattern in the processes, texts, statistical data under study, or, on the contrary, found an error in the statements and strongly disagree with the theses of some author. Perhaps you are particularly interested in the topic and, studying it, formulated your own vision of the problem, made unexpected conclusions.

The idea for an article can come from anything and be any. But note that the topic of a scientific text should be as narrow as possible, especially if these are your first publications. It is better to focus on a piece of a specific topic, to work it out qualitatively, so as not to get lost in a multi-layered theme and not provide a superficial analysis. A simple list of comments or new ideas is not the format of a scientific article that will amaze the academic world, although it is an ideal filling for an essay. How to write a scientific article in the case of a serious publication any idea is accompanied by thorough research and study. At this stage, you can contact the teacher for help. Moreover, the presence of a supervisor is one of the main requirements of many scientific publications. The teacher, first of all, will recommend the relevant literature or, if we are talking about more practical topics, will point out empirical methods (experiment, questioning, interview, etc.) that are expedient for effective research.

Remember if you know people from the academic community who are also studying or interested in your subject. Ask them for advice. Collect all the necessary material that you can find. Now is the time to analyze all the accumulated material. Have your previous ideas changed? Perhaps there are new ones? How to connect fresh thoughts authoritative works, conclusions of other scientists. How to write a scientific article, if you analyze the text, be sure to quote. Be sure to indicate the source of each link.