What is relevant coursework

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So, the school is long over, the institute has completely different requirements, complex textbooks and voluminous essays are written, and then suddenly an elementary composition called the beautiful word essay falls on us like snow. It seems to be a habit to this type of activity, accumulated during the long school years, and the volume required is small 4-5, rarely 10 pages, but for some reason very often the essay causes students the greatest difficulty. First, the matter is that the indispensable requirement of the originality of the text. In the term and the abstract, no one forbids compiling large pieces of copyright works, so long as the links are neatly arranged.

And an essay is a product of your creativity, an exclusive. Secondly, the teacher, formulating the topic of the essay, can show no less creativity, and propose as a topic, for example, a quotation containing a rather abstract statement. How do you like this: “Politics is a powerful, slow drilling of hard layers, carried out simultaneously with passion and a cold eye gauge” (Max Weber) or “The power should be distinguished from coercion to any particular action. to zero Nickles Lyuman Or may not formulate the topic at all, suggesting that the student himself should do it, but specifying the problematics and strict requirements for the construction of work.

Sometimes the topic may be too broad. Try outlining on 4 pages “The artistic originality of the works of Dickens”, when mountains of books were written about it, but you still want the work to be interesting, not beaten and revealing the topic. But it is these works that are closest to school essays. Often, this is just a way to check if a student has read a given work. As an example, you can cite an essay on the book by From “The Art of Love” But more often than not, the goal pursued by the teacher is to make the student demonstrate his own ability to think and express these thoughts.

But with this happens tight. I will try to give a few tips that do not pretend to novelty and originality. No matter how banal it sounds, you should not put off writing for the last day, hoping to fill five pages half an hour of work. Nobody demands from you that you urgently sit behind books, but at least a few minutes a day, in the subway or in the shower, you can give thoughts what, in fact, the essay should be. And then, when the time “H” happens and you sit in front of a blank sheet of Word (or an empty search window in Yandex), it will be at least clear what the material will be chosen